11 Years Team

The Team

Simon Begemann: director, screenwriter

SimonHi, I am Simon.

I study Film and Animation at the University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg Georg Simon Ohm .
I’m the director of the short film 11 Years. Furthermore I took part in the story development and in writing the screenplay.

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Recent work:
2014 / Trigger / short movie / assistant director
2013 / Zone / short movie / director, editor, screenwriter
2013 / The Final Resort / short movie / director, editor, screenwriter
2013 / Zebrarot /short movie / assistant director
2012 / Wenn nicht Jean-Claude, wann dann? / director, editor, screenwriter, producer
2012 / Fiddlers Green – Yindi / music video / second unit assistant director
2011 / Behindert und Schwul / short movie / director, editor, screenwriter, producer
2011 / Tonal Y Nagual – Cog in the machine / music video / director, editor, screenwriter
2010 / Bis zum letzten Blatt / short movie / director, editor, screenwriter, producer
2008 / Jean-Claude Wandern / short movie / director, editor, screenwriter, producer
2007 / Der größte und beste Film aller Zeiten / short movie / director, editor, screenwriter, producer



Feodora Frickert: producer, screenwriter

FeodoraHallo, I am Feodora.

Since 2011 I have been studying at University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg Georg Simon Ohm, main subject Film and Animation. For the project 11 Years I am responsible for the production. Furthermore I’m involved in the story development.

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Shooting a commercial in the first semester I already realized: “That’s what I want to do!” I saw my strength especially in organisation and coordination. Therefore I decided that I wanted to work in the field of movie production.

Until now I have worked on many projects, but this one – our bachelor thesis – is the most challenging of all. In October 2014 I will start my master studies at Hamburg Media School, subject film production.

Recent work:
2014 11Years / short movie (Bachelor) / producer, production manager
2014 Kabel Deutschland / B2B clip / assistant producer
2014 Applaus / short movie / producer, screenwriter, continuit/script
2013 Beste Chance / TV feature film / assistant producer
2013 Rico Oskar und die Tieferschatten / feature film / assistant producer
2013 Doktorspiele / feature film / assistant producer and line producer
2013 Trautmann / feature film / assistant producer
2013 Final Resort / short movie / assistant producer, set designer, production manager
2012 Spanische Bananen / short movie / producer, location scout, production manager
2012 The Mojo Radio Gang / music video / producer, director
2011 Retouche / title design / producer, screenwriter
2011 Skype / commercial / producer, director
2010 Ode an Dalí / short movie / modelling, photographie



Andreas Schultze: director of photography

AndreasHi, I am Andreas.

I’m the director of photography of the project “11 Years”. Since 2010 I have been studying Design with Film and Animation as a main subject at University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg.

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From 2011 until 2014 I worked as a freelancing cinematographer for Wuger filmworks.
Since April 2014 I have an employment as a motion designer and cinematographer at Wiegärtner Kommunikation.
From August 2012 until January 2013 I did an internship at ARRI München in the light and camera rental department.

Furthermore I got a lot of experience in lighting and cinematography working on numerous private and student projects.

My challenge for 11 Years is transfering the ideas of the team to images that have a maximum of impact on the audience and support the story of the movie in every single shot.



Christina Greiner: VFX/Compositing, Title Design


Hi, I am Christina.

“Invisible Visual Effects” are my passion – to work on the image, so the vision behind it becomes visible in the final step. Together with Jan I am responsible for the digital post-production of the movie as well as the title design. Together with Feodora I am concerned with the funding and sponsoring of our project.

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It’s all Gollum’s fault.
When I saw “The Lord of the Rings” for the first time, I instantly knew: That is exactly what I want to do! I was only 13 years old at the time. Today I am ten years older, I’m studying Design with main focus on Film and Animation in Nuremberg and at the moment I’m working on my bachelor thesis – a science fiction short movie. I have specialised on compositing and did an internship at ARRI Film and TV in the VFX department in Munich.

I have not only worked on student projects (my own and those of fellow students), but I have also done several freelancing compositing jobs.



Jan Jungbluth: VFX/CG, Screenwriter, Storyboard, Title Design


Hi, I am Jan.

My division is the digital image. Together with Christina I am responsible for the digital post-production of “11 Years”. Beside my work on the screenplay, I draw the storyboard of the film and take part in the production design.

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2007-2010 Apprenticeship Mediengestalter Bild und Ton
2010-2011 Bayerische Akademie für Fernsehen: study course VFX
2011-2014 University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg: study course Design, main focus Film und Animation

Projects (Selection):
2011 music video “Casper – Auf und davon”: VFX supervisor
2012 music video “Cinématique – Air”: VFX supervisor
2012-14 several B2B videos for SIEMENS: 2D/3D animation artist for Feedback Communication GmbH
2013 feature film “Pettersson und Findus – Kleiner Quälgeist, Große Freundschaft”: lighting/shading artist for PIXOMONDO
2014 Kabel Deutschland B2B clip: storyboard artist

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