The Movie

Would you want to live another life?

In our story, an old man buys himself a second, completely new life in a young body. But when he meets a young woman and falls in love with her, he hides the truth. Until the end.

“11 Years” (working title) is a Live Action Short Film project which is being realised by fife film students in their Bachelor semester.

The Story

We are situated in the 22nd century.
Phil and his companion Liz sit together in a noble restaurant. Phil knows that he does not have much time left. Several times before, he was determined to tell Liz who and what he really is: an old man in an attractive young body. But he had lost himself too often in his life with Liz and too many chances passed. Nevertheless, the situation in the restaurant seems to be boisterous – when suddenly Phil drops to the floor and lies there motionless. His time is over.

Phil now faces a rather unpleasent and difficult process of waking up at the company C-Tek. His old body, which seems more dead than alive, has become his prison again. After a few health checks, he is released.

Phil walks through the streets of the cities. Almost in a state of trance, he visits the home he and Liz lived in. He painfully remembers passionate moments of their relationship.
He asked the company C-Tek at least a little more time, but it was pointless. It was definitely too late. He has become his old alter ego – and a complete stranger to Liz.
But despite that, he wants to visit her, see her, smell her, feel here – just like in earlier times. He reluctantly stands in front of their frontdoor, but then rings the bell. Liz, who still looks the worse for wear after her boyfriend’s death, opens the door…

It is a FACT that …
… the development of a new “body” takes the company C-Tek about five years and can be adjusted to the preferences of the customer. Each body is customised “to begin” with 23 years of age. All bodies are healthy and fully functionable. They are immune against cancer or other diseases. The financial resources of a customer must be sufficient for the minimum lifetime of ten years, which is a lot of money, even for the rich. When the time acquired is over, the customer returns to his natural body which is kept safely in a cryogenic vessel during this period.