It’s done! 11 YEARS is finally finished and premieres at Ohmrolle Fall 2014 at the Cinecitta’ cinema in Nuremberg.

You can read a small article about this wonderful evening here at Querschrift.de (sorry, German only).

Here is our speech from the premiere at the Ohmrolle:

On this occasion we would like to say thank you to all our helping hands and supporters, that were not in the cinema on this evening and were not named individually. Without you, we could have never made this movie!

In the next days we will prepare the reward packages for our supporters on Startnext and send them out to you. We hope you’re looking forward to it!

Now we start into festival season. For those of you who haven’t seen 11 YEARS by now we’ve got some stills from the movie prepared for you:



The Day X

*** Announcing the DAY OF THE PREMIERE! ***

On thursday, november 13 2014, Ohmrolle Fall 2014 will take place at Cinecitta’ Nürnberg. Here we will present 11 YEARS to the public for the first time. Look forward with us to the movie and other amazing pieces of art from the course Film & Animation!



Funding completed!

More than 9000 Euros were raised on Startnext and by our sponsors. Awesome!
Thanks a lot to all the dear donators and supporters, who believe in us and our project. Without you the film would have never been made.
We wish you all a lovely summer, enjoy the good weather and look forward to fall, when you will finally see what we have created with your support.
With all our hearts THANK YOU <3




After some days of recovering from the shooting we launch right away into post production of 11 Years!On the digital interfaces and holgrams in the movie we are supported by our fellow students Paul Leyendecker and Markus Sauerbeck. The classy interfaces  they design, add a whiff of sci-fi to the movie – and in fact they just look awesome ;-)